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Preventing tooth decay starts with removing the bottle or breast if your child tends to fall asleep during feedings. Dr. Fattahi suggest that if your baby falls asleep while nursing, take your baby off the breast. If you bottle feed, try holding your child; this may make it easier to take away the bottle if your child falls asleep. Many parents in the Playa Del Rey area have found alternate ways to comfort their children at bedtime. Substitute a favorite toy or blanket for the bottle or to try offering a pacifier or a bottle filled with plain water.

Besides eliminating prolonged exposure to sugary foods and liquids, make sure you are brushing your child’s teeth with a soft toothbrush every day. Dr. Fattahi can help teach you proper techniques to clean your child’s teeth.

Healthy teeth are important for chewing properly, speaking well and smiling beautifully! Preventing dental problems needs to start early to give your child a healthy jump start. For more information on preventing tooth decay, the dental professionals at Del Dental Group in Playa Del Rey, CA, phone (855) 539-4518 can help you.

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