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Once your child’s baby teeth begin to erupt, you should start the habit of gently cleaning the teeth and gums with a damp washcloth or a toothbrush. Give our Playa Del Rey office a call at (855) 539-4518 to find out when it is appropriate to add toothpaste to the routine. Initially, plain water is fine and getting your child used to this routine is most important.

Brushing teeth well takes practice. Until your're sure your child has mastered brushing his or her teeth, you should assist and monitor teeth cleaning. And even once your child starts brushing without your help, you need to continue checking your child’s baby teeth to prevent long term problems. The most important thing to look for is discoloration. If you see chalky white or brown spots, this could indicate tooth decay and a need for a visit to Del Dental Group.

For more advice on how to clean your infant’s baby teeth, call Del Dental Group at (855) 539-4518.

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